Connect with the adventures and heroic deeds of the warriors and the adversaries they encounter, both human and magical.

“Are Dragons real? In the collective unconscious, they are certainly alive and well. In Year of the Magical Dragon, Virginia Chandler presents a fascinating array of dragon-legends from many cultures, including real-world sites associated with their lore, supporting a spiritual journey through the year to awaken their energies within. A treat for all who have desired dragons.”―Diana L. Paxson, author of the Wodan’s Children trilogy and Sword of Avalon

“A rollicking good yarn of the kind that never goes out of fashion. Evil pirates (Blackbeard) sturdy heroes, treasure, ghoulish things going on in the background – what’s not to like? Virginia Chandler brings her characters to life and writes their adventures in good, meaty prose; she knows her piratical history and makes some intriguing guesses at the secrets surrounding the Devil’s Treasure.”

John Matthews, NY Times Bestselling Author of Pirates and Pirates: Most Wanted